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Down Under - The Trusted Name in Harley Tours
Have one hell of a ride on a Harley


Western Australia's most creative Harley Davidson Tour Company DOWN UNDER HARLEY TOURS commenced operation in 1991. Being the first licensed Harley Tour company in Western Australia
The company's founder, Chris McCredie runs the family business and his priority is customer satisfaction.

Since inception, the company has won Six Small Business Awards and has grown to be Australia's largest independent Harley Davidson tour company

Albany Down Under Motorcycle Tours is locally owned by Kevan and Julie Wallis.
We commenced trading in April 1994 as Evolution Harley Tours from Middleton Beach.
In 1996, we joined the Down Under Harley Tour group. This group has won six Small Business Awards and is the most well known and trusted name in Harley Tours. We pride ourselves in meeting the standards required to be part of this group, while remaining locally owned and operated. Recently our name has changed from Down Under Harley Tours to Albany Down Under Motorcycle Tours to comply with the request of the Harley Davidson Company and reflect our local commitment.

We use ONLY genuine Harley Davidson Motorcycles.
OurTrike is a Fat Boy and we use mainly Heritage and Road King bikes withwide comfortable seats and high backrests for maximum comfort. TheTrike can take up to three passengers and has seatbelts fitted in the'chesterfield style' luxurious leather seats. This was custom madelocally by Ken Stone Motor Trimmers. As a local business, wewholeheartedly support other local businesses and all our Harley's havebeen supplied by Great Southern Motorcycles. Our bikes are fullylicenced and inspected regularly by the Department of Transport

For your peace of mind, all our riders have Police Clearances. Most are retired, or semi retired self employed Businesses men who share a love of Harley Davidson Motorcycles and the Albany region. They are committed to your enjoyment of your Harley experience. We cater for Cowards, our riders are experienced with first timers

Down Under - The trusted name in Harley Tours

Some Comments From Our Guest book

The thrill of speed, the wind in your hair, what a life!
Good work guys, worth the money....Mandy

The greatest adrenalin rush ever...Charlz

Many thanks, a rare experience, really great....Dorie Anderson & Elsie Bairstow
Glenn-craig Aged Care, Albany

It just tickles your toes !...M. Webb Mt Barker

That was great. Best tour of Albany...A Meyer

Fantastic and definately would do it again. Recommend it to anyone. Greatest half hour ever spent for someone from Sydney

I'm shaking from the sheer thrill of the ride...Margaret Tilbury

Flaming fantastic!! I'ii have a Quick Thrill anytime...Pam

An ex way to spend the afternoon....Sharon

WOW! It's absolutely amazing, very highly recommended by me, especially at night...Richard

One of my many thrills in life. I enjoyed it thank you...Miss Weston..100th Birthday

Today was the day. I recommend it to anyone...Viscount and Viscountess de Marigny. Mauritius

First time in my life and I'm a grandma. Wonderful...P.Ripley

Truley exhilirating! I recommend this ride to the young and old! An experience I'll remember

Excellent fun! No fear! Professionally run company...Donna Golding..Melbourne,Vancouver.Canada

10 out of 10! A five star service..Clayton Reed

Hi we are from Indonesia. The ride was very fantastic, the people are very friendly

Really enjoyed rhe ride. Wouldn't have missed it for anything. On holiday from Scotland...Margaret Findly


The BIG RED FIRE ENGINE is the latest addition to our services
Available in both Perth and Albany and can add a spark to any ocassion. Great fun if you have a group to enterain or move around.It's great fun and a definiate attention getter. Your group will feel like stars as people in the streets wave, shout, cheer and toot.

> Click here for more Big Red Fire Engine Information.

08 9842 2468